Competitions Systems Integrators

Ever wondered how information gets to your screen?


Where does that data come from?


Who decides what to show and when?


Rugby Sevens is ‘Fast’


Everyone wants answers. Now.


Who’s that player?


What’s the USA v Canada Head to Head?


How long to go?


When is Japan playing next?


How is it all put together?


Who puts it on Television or Big Screen?


How does it get on your phone and tablet?


How is it all synchronized?


“Who does that?”

Who We Are

Competitions Systems Integrators

for World Rugby


IT professionals


Sports Scientists












We are Australian, British & Irish,

Canadian, Chinese and Kiwi

What We Do

We manage the flow of information.


We track every player. Live. In Real Time.


We design and deliver Broadcast Graphics to the World Feed.


We drive the Big Screens.


We Keep Time.


We Tweet. We POST.


We do all this. And more.


We bring it all together.


We are Competitions Systems Integrators.

Our Systems

Player Registration is the Core Module

fully integrated with


Match Analysis


Broadcast Graphics


Time Keeping


Big Screen Scoreboards


Automated links to Social Media

and Websites


Tailored to your event


Pick what you need, we do the rest

Player Registration

The foundation stone for every event

World Series or local tournament



Register players and officials


Produce Team Sheets



Feed into Broadcast and Match Analysis


and provide

Automated links to Social Media and Websites

Tailored to your event

Match Analysis

Live Tracking of Players and Teams


Data presented to Broadcast Module in Real Time


Live cumulative updates to World Rugby Database


Time Line Action Processing


Tailored to client’s needs




Team Analysis


Player Tracking


Broadcast Graphics

A one-stop solution

Design – Implement – Deliver - Operate

Unique control interface

Live and Real time access to

World Rugby Historical Database

Registration – Match Analysis


Clients include

BBC Sports   |   Sky Sports UK

NBC Universal   |   Fox Sports Australia

Sky NZ    |    TVB   |   Supersport

Timekeeping & Big Screens

We are the Official Time Keeper for World Rugby Sevens

Clocks synchronized on Big Screen

Custom designed Scoreboards

Production switchers

Promotional Videos and Bill Boards

Social Media / Websites

Automated feeds out of Match Analysis

Tailored Content and Frequency

Tweets with Media


FTP and POST to websites

We can direct our data to the endpoint of your choice in the format of your choice

Where We Go

We work in Rugby League, Union and Sevens


We travel the world for

HSBC Sevens World Series


World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series



Australia   |   South Africa   |   New Zealand


Hong Kong   |   UAE   |   Japan   |   China


Brazil   |   Canada   |   USA


England   |   France   |   Netherlands   |   Scotland

Gold Coast


Hong Kong

Las Vegas

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